New: Self-Reflection As Daily Practice —
Individual Sessions / One-To-One Format


Currently offered as 1:1 Individual Sessions
London, Athens or via Skype


As practiced privately as well as pedagogically in the classroom, these individual sessions introduce Ellie’s findings on Self-Reflection as a valuable tool of contemplation and daily practice. They use creative writing and journaling techniques, meditation as well as interactive and engaging dialogue in order to bring forth gentle, insightful observations of our manners of speaking, thinking patterns, inner musings and inspirations. Topics considered include:

Perceptions of Time
Etymology of Words, Personal Languages
Concept of Expansion vs. Contraction
Inner Dialogues and Vulnerability
Visualization Techniques
Artist Manifestos


Upon booking, a time slot is decided upon agreement with the attendee.

All individual sessions last for 1.5 hours. London sessions take place at Benk & Bo’s Piano Room in Spitalfields, while Athens sessions take place at Ellie Tsatsou Studio in Pagrati. The option of a Skype meeting is available as well. This is a private, one to one meeting with Ellie, where tailored feedback will be offered. As soon as you purchase a ticket, a welcoming email will be sent to you within two days with further details about your session as well as its schedule. Ticket includes a handout/workbook as well as selected bibliography for further reading.

For any questions, please email:

Note: These sessions are also part of Ellie’s teaching at University of the Arts London, already included in her lecture deliveries. They have also received funding to run during selected upcoming Wellness Weeks of LCF in 2019, open to all UAL staff and students.