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Series #1: Intuition & The Creative Process
Commencing January 2019 - London UK

Born out of Ellie’s ongoing research into the topic of intuition, this series is divided in 10 thematic sessions, each exploring how this notion has been perceived, discussed and used as an integral part of the creative process. Approached from different angles, topics considered include:

Locating Distractions & Defining Attention: the role of stillness and silence
Ancient Wisdom: astronomy, oracles, dialectics and the quest for wonder
The Importance of Beauty: harmony, symmetry as change without change
Biology & Instinct: body intelligence, mirror neurons and neuroplasticity
Self-care Rituals: anatomy of spirit and toolkits for daily practice
Histories of Divination Techniques: methods and methodologies
Our Voice: breath work, language, heartbeat
Sacred Curiosity: poetic acts in the everyday



Series #2: Self-Reflection as Daily Practice

Commencing January 2019 - London UK

As practiced privately as well as pedagogically in the classroom, this series introduces Ellie’s findings on Self-Reflection as a valuable tool of contemplation and daily practice. Divided in 5 thematic sessions, this series uses creative writing and journaling techniques, meditation as well as interactive and engaging dialogue in order to bring forth gentle, insightful observations of our manners of speaking, thinking patterns, inner musings and inspirations. Topics considered include:

Perceptions of Time
Etymology of Words, Personal Languages
Concept of Expansion vs. Contraction
Inner Dialogues and Vulnerability
Visualization Techniques
Artist Manifestos

Note: This series is also part of Ellie’s teaching at University of the Arts London, already included in her lecture deliveries. It has also received funding to run during selected upcoming Wellness Weeks of LCF in 2019, open to all UAL staff and students.


All meetings last for two hours, and encompass open dialogue between the facilitator and the participants as well as a set of self-care practices, according to the topic of the session. Ticketed Events, London — complete schedule to be published soon.


Launching in 2019:
Individual Sessions - HUG Gatherings - Cythera Retreat

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