7/3/2019 - London | Workshop: Intuition & The Creative Process

7/3/2019 - London | Workshop: Intuition & The Creative Process


Born out of ongoing research on the notion of intuition and a decade-long engagement with the creative process, this workshop explores curiosity, imagination and the intersections of work and wellbeing, while holding space for the alchemies of art-making to be openly discussed. Facilitated by Ellie Tsatsou, it is rooted in dialogue between the participants, as well as in integrating selected self-care practices, in line with the focus of each session. Approached from different angles, topics considered include:

Locating Distractions & Defining Attention: the role of stillness and silence
Ancient Wisdom: astronomy, oracles, dialectics and the quest for wonder
The Importance of Beauty: harmony, symmetry as change without change
Biology & Instinct: body intelligence, mirror neurons and neuroplasticity
Self-care Rituals: anatomy of spirit and toolkits for daily practice
Histories of Divination Techniques: methods and methodologies
Our Voice: breath work, language, heartbeat
Sacred Curiosity: poetic acts in the everyday


March 7th, 2019 - 6.30-8.30pm
Benk & Bo, 4 - 6 Gravel Lane, E1 7AW
London, United Kingdom

All London meetings last for two hours, and take place at Benk & Bo’s Meeting Room in Spitalfields. Capacity is limited to 7 attendees. As soon as you purchase a ticket, a welcoming email will be sent to you within two days with further details about the workshop as well as its schedule. Ticket includes a handout/workbook as well as selected bibliography for further reading.

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