1:1 Creative Consultation | Individual Session

1:1 Creative Consultation | Individual Session


Similar to the ‘Intuition & The Creative Process’ group workshops but in a more private setup, these 1:1 individual sessions with Ellie Tsatsou embrace and suggest a mindset of curiosity and imagination whilst exploring the intersections of work and wellbeing in everyday life. Through the scope of a creative, mindful lens, tailored feedback is offered on a range of topics such as:

Professional Practice & Development
Personal Care & Self-Taught Growth
Reflective Practices, Productivity & Writing Methodologies
Creative Directions
Expanding Projects

Additionally, these sessions provide:
Lists of Useful Resources (Reading Lists: Books, Podcasts, Visual Material)
Advice on Conscious Business Practices
Poetry & Art as Healing Nests
Research Direction


Upon booking, a time slot is decided upon agreement with the attendee.

All 1:1 individual sessions last for 1.5 hours. London sessions usually take place at Benk & Bo’s Piano Room in Spitalfields, while Athens sessions at Ellie Tsatsou Studio in Pagrati. Place will be confirmed closer to the meeting time. The option of a Skype session is available as well. As soon as you purchase a ticket, a welcoming email will be sent to you within two days with further details about your session as well as its schedule. Ticket includes a handout/workbook as well as selected bibliography for further reading.

For any questions, please email: contact@ellietsatsou.com

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