From The Path The Water | Book

From The Path The Water | Book


Words by Wessie du Toit
Photography by Ellie Tsatsou
Designed & Edited by Wessie du Toit & Ellie Tsatsou

Indigo Printing | Book Dimensions: 16.5 x 24 cm | 60 pages
Printed in May 2017 in Athens, Greece
Published by Whitelight Editions
ISBN: 978-0-9954930-1-8

Edition of 50, numbered


This book was made to coincide with Ellie Tsatsou's solo exhibition 'as long as you want' at Gallery Iris in Athens, Greece, in May 2017. It is the first collaborative book project between photographer Ellie Tsatsou & poet Wessie du Toit and it came into being in the course of many messages and conversations between London, Athens and China. It consists of Wessie’s poem "from the path the water" alongside 7 photographs from Ellie’s show, in a mellow dialogue.

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