The Moon Series is a sequence of soft photographs of our earth's natural satellite, with the intention to allude the sense of scale of our known universe and to note a broader, wider perspective on life. As observed from various places of our planet, and by preserving the moon's perceived size as seen by the naked human eye, these photographs act as an invite to stargaze, intuit, gather and wonder. As a collection of works (ongoing since 2014), it has been inspired by the homecoming writings of Carl Sagan and the poems of Rumi, especially the love poem, 'Like this'.

/ ἄνθρωπος ‎(ánthrōpos) / (meaning, human) the one that looks up /

A Shade of Pale - Ellie Tsatsou.jpg

The Moon Series debuted in the United Kingdom at 'A Shade of Pale' exhibition, curated by Carrie Scott, at The Store x 180 Strand London: May 16th- June 2nd, 2018. 

"The store x is delighted to present A Shade of Pale, an exhibition curated by Carrie Scott that celebrates the debut of a select, inimitable group of 10 artists. Ambitious in scale, the exhibition takes over 2 floors of the store x 180 Strand space to feature some 470 photographs by Luca Anzalone, Lorena Lohr, Tom Munro, John Pawson, Federico Pestilli, Marina Shacola, Ellie Tsatsou, Bindi Vora, Marco Walker and Walter & Zoniel. The works in the exhibition, however, consciously bear no relation to one another; this is not a group show. Because of the uniquely monumental space afforded by the 180 Strand building, A Shade of Pale takes a curatorial leap that very few exhibitions can, bringing together totally disparate works that can co-exist in the same space but can also be simultaneously independent."

Download full Press Release / Poster. All works are available in limited editions.  For further information about the show and artwork enquiries, please contact Carrie Scott of CS & P: carrie@carrie-scott.com. For enquiries related to the project, process or for press, please email: contact@ellietsatsou.com