A Shade of Pale (2018)
The Store x 180 Strand Photography Exhibition curated by Carrie Scott
May 16- June 2nd | London, UK

"Ambitious in scale, celebrating the debut of a select, inimitable group of 10 artists, the exhibition takes over 2 floors of the store x 180 Strand space to feature some 470 photographs by Luca Anzalone, Lorena Lohr, Tom Munro, John Pawson, Federico Pestilli, Marina Shacola, Ellie Tsatsou, Bindi Vora, Marco Walker and Walter & Zoniel. The works in the exhibition, however, consciously bear no relation to one another; this is not a group show. Because of the uniquely monumental space afforded by the 180 Strand building, A Shade of Pale takes a curatorial leap that very few exhibitions can, bringing together totally disparate works that can co-exist in the same space but can also be simultaneously independent."

Excerpt from the exhibition's text, London 2018 | More information: www.ashadeofpale.com
For all enquiries regarding artwork sales & editions: Carrie Scott - carrie@carrie-scott.com



'Eye' (2017)
Photography Exhibition by Ellie Tsatsou
July 21-30th, 2017 | Gaitis Hall, Pyrgos - Tinos, GR

Ellie Tsatsou’s photographic exhibition “Eye” brings together images inspired by the Cyclades. The Tinian green marble quarry, the elegant ‘Portara’ of Naxos, the big blue of Amorgos, the outwordly scenery of Sarakiniko in Milos, the moon above the Saronic Gulf are some of the landscapes that form the present curation, inviting the viewer into a journey of introspection and serenity. Alongside the photographic works, the exhibition showcases Ellie’s three books (‘Alphabet’ [2016], ‘A Family You Choose’ [2017] and ‘From the path the water’ [2017]) as well as the photo essay created at the marble sculpture studio of Tinian artist Onourfrios Desypris (Ysternia, August 2016). | With special thanks to Pneumatiko Kentro Panormou.



'as long as you want' (2017)
Photography Exhibition by Ellie Tsatsou
May 11-31st, 2017 | Gallery Iris, Athens - GR


Somewhere (2017) - Running Time: 09:25
Fragments of various writings from 2010 - 2017. This visual composition complimented the homonym sound installation during the show "as long as you want" (Gallery Iris, Athens/Greece - May 2017). 


"In her first solo exhibition entitled ‘as long as you want’ at Gallery Iris in Athens, Ellie Tsatsou introduces herself to her homeland with a cumulative, interdisciplinary body of work that has shaped her development as an artist. Through a sequence of places and experiences, the exhibition retains photography at its core, however it is branching out to include a record of images, sounds and writings that reflect Ellie’s aesthetic signature and creative process from 2008 to the present moment.

The artworks included in the show are interrelated through the theme of the landscape, described either visually (as photographic representations), or sonically (as soundscapes in the sound installation ‘Somewhere’), or even verbally (through fragmented written forms). The noise from the streets of Manhattan, the conversations in the photographic studios during work placements, a summery evening under the sky of the Mediterranean, a witnessing line to the vastitude of the sea, an impression of the female body juxtaposed to the productive forces of nature. The landscape becomes the means of reading and defining space, yet it is being used as an interpretative tool; a medium that reveals to us the way with which Ellie perceives & decodes life unfolding."

Matina Charalampi, art historian
Excerpt from the exhibition's text, Athens 2017



Whitelight Showcase at SHED London (2017)
Photography Exhibition by Whitelight Editions
March 2- April 30th, 2017 | SHED, London - UK

Curated by online photographic platform Whitelight, the exhibition introduces works by 13 contemporary Greek photographers as well as Whitelight's new website, www.whitelighteditions.com. It is the first physical presentation of photography by the team of Whitelight, co-founders and editors Gelly Siganou & Ellie Tsatsou, on the theme of things being transient & imperfect; beautiful nevertheless.

Participating Artists:
Alexei Siozov, Alexis Vasilikos, Athanasios Gatos, Georges Salameh, Ellie Tsatsou, Emilios Haralabous, Kostas Kapsianis, Maria Mavropoulou, Orfeas Sampatakakis, Spiros Kokkonis, Tasos Aivalis, Yannis Drakoulidis, Yorgos Karailias | With special thanks to SHED London for hosting us.